Modernization of light fixtures

Decision makers often don´t want to change light fixtures that are historical or designed by an architect, even though energy efficiency requirements would demand changing for newer and more energy efficient technologies. The solution is Valopaa retrofit projects: New LED technology is installed inside old light fixtures. The projects are easy to implement with Valopaa´s modular product platform.

To begin a retrofit project, first all information on the model of the light fixture and its picture is needed. At a later stage, a sample light fixture is useful to have for the design process. All this information is used to validate the technical choices. The development and production of the first version of the retrofit product takes about two months. If required, Valopaa will produce a sample light fixture to ensure that the installation of the light fixture is simple and easy, and that the light distribution is suitable for the installation site.

Valopaa retrofit projects:

  • Cost efficient, because only the lighting technique is changed – no need to buy the whole light fixture and also often no need for new architectural planning
  • Suitable for lighting sites where old light fixtures are to be preserved
  • Brings the benefits and energy efficiency of modern-day lighting technology to old, traditional light fixtures
  • Also available with Valopaa´s intelligent LED lighting system