Industrial lighting

Valopaa offers multiple solutions to lighting of industrial estates and halls. For example, the VP1401 LED light fixture can replace excellently old mercury high bay fixtures. The Valopaa LED light fixtures have very long lifetime and are maintenance free. These qualities are highlighted if the light fixtures are situated in a place that is difficult to reach, or if changing the lamps would interrupt production.

LED lighting enables completely new level in lighting control. With Valopaa´s intelligent LED lighting system the best energy efficiency is reached when illumination is always optimized according to current needs. The sensors that control the lighting can be situated freely, and they can be added to the system later as needed. A web application is used to remote control the system. The application also supplies maintenance data. Changes to the lighting, grouping the fixtures and other controls are done wirelessly on a computer, and no extra electrical installing work is needed.

Valopaa industrial light fixtures:

  • Minimum need for maintenance
  • White light in energy efficient manner
  • Pleasant color rendering
  • Replaces old mercury fixtures



  • Sanerkas office and workshop building, outdoor and indoor lighting
  • Pulla-Pirtti, Oulu bakery – lighting of parking area, loading platform and indoor spaces
  • Façade lighting, Kuopion Kuljetus Kalusto