Bridge lighting

The Valopaa LED bridge light fixtures have been installed to hundreds of underpasses and bridge undersides around Finland. The light fixtures are energy efficient and easy to install to replace old light fixtures. The Valopaa product range includes both recessed and surface-mounted versions of the bridge light fixtures, in many different power versions. Furthermore, there are multiple solutions in the product offering for decorative bridge lighting.

Valopaan bridge light fixtures:

  • Easy and safe to install with the help of installing cable
  • Covers up old recess slots nicely – several sizes available for the front panel of the recessed light fixture
  • Energy efficient compared to traditional lighting technologies – e.g. 125W sodium light fixture can be replaced with 22W Valopaa LED light fixture
  • Extremely durable, do not break down from typical vandalism
  • Vandalism shield available as accessory, protects from e.g. spray painting and beating
  • Life time over 30 years in typical outdoor use (lights on during dark time)
  • Optics developed especially for this application – light fixtures produce light evenly to the road


  • Bridge light fixtures VP2221 and VP2223
  • Decorative lighting, e.g. small floodlight VP3232