Area lighting

The Valopaa light fixtures can be applied to many different kind of area lighting requirements. There are four different optics available for general lighting, and two optics for spotlighting with narrow light beams. Street lighting optics are also suitable for some area lighting needs, e.g. pathways in parks.

The Valopaa LED light fixtures have unique design. Light fixtures with different installing options belong to the same design family. Thereby, different installing style, e.g. to a lighting pole, or to wall or column, can be chosen according to the installation site and needs. Furthermore, the VP1302 LED light fixtures enables lighting from one pole to two directions, which is useful e.g. at parking areas.

Valopaa´s intelligent LED lighting system can be applied also to area lighting. Thus, there is always illumination exactly as needed at that moment and energy is saved. Sensor units, which can be freely situated, can be used in lighting control. For example, movement sensors can be installed to entrance points of the parking area or park, in addition to where the light fixtures are located. Thereby the system receives the information when a person enters the area and can react before the person is within the illuminated area. Different day profiles can be created with the remote control application, and prepare for special occasions and holidays in advance.

Valopaa area light fixtures:

  • Light fixtures from same design family available with different installing options and in different power versions
  • Multiple optics can be used in one light fixture
  • VP1302 light fixture available in one and two sided versions - enables lighting from one pole to two directions
  • LED light fixtures, developed and approved for street lighting, also available for parking areas and other area lighting