The iLUMNET Intelligent Lighting Control System – A Technical System Description

The iLUMNET Intelligent LED Lighting Control System is a modular wireless platform for safe, appropriate and adaptable lighting solutions. The system is scalable according to the customer´s requirements with an array of available intelligent devices for a comprehensive wirelessly controlled lighting infrastructure. Each intelligent device and other devices connected to it act as an individual node in the intelligent wireless system.

Intelligent control with an IoT-capable system

The iLUMNET system is a fully IoT-capable system and therefore luminaires can be controlled intelligently and individually. As luminaires and other intelligent devices each have an individual address, they can be controlled the way you need, individually or per area as lighting is required for visibility, decoration and safety in mind.

Luminaires can be defined into a single or several areas, such as highways, streets, paths, parks, to name just a few. Areas can be defined freely and each area can have a lighting profile of its own to fulfill the area-specific lighting requirements, as the time and power level can be adjusted.

Energy efficiency is achieved when the lighting level is reduced at night, when there is no need for such a high level of lighting – this can be accomplished with various profiles for selected areas. Profiles may additionally include sensor-based controls, such as a motion sensor and a dimmer/twilight sensor.

The iLUMNET system offers energy efficiency with area-specific lighting profiles which can reduce costs compared to lighting without intelligent control. Also as luminaire light level depreciates over time and without intelligent control you need to invest to higher level of lighting than needed in the beginning to ensure required lighting level during luminaire life time. Intelligent lighting system makes it possible to save significantly in energy consumption as lighting level can be adjusted exactly to the need even when luminaire light level depreciates over time. The example lighting profile enables a 30% saving in electricity costs.

Central Control

Cloud-based Central Control provides easy control and monitoring of area lighting systems, and no separate Control Room installation is required. You can access the LUMOSCOPE Central Control through any device with a web browser, be it a desktop PC, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile device.

Area definitions, profile definitions and all changes to the control of the lighting system are performed with LUMOSCOPE Central Control. System status and alarm indications are also provided along with various reports, such as an energy consumption report.

With the future-proof cloud-based system, there is no limit to the amount of luminaires the system can control – it scales to your needs, and software updates provide new functionalities.

External control interfaces

As Central Control is provided as a cloud service, external controls can be integrated to the iLUMNET system. Such external controls can be based on traffic volumes, energy prices, weather or any other system. The iLUMNET Intelligent Lighting Control System expands according to your needs.